PM-1 robotsystem Specifications


Number of axes:6 as standard (3-8)
Wrist (Hand):Payload 10 kg (200 mm from end of wrist)
Main axes:Absolute balanced
Max speed TCP2 m/s
Repeatability:+/- 0,5 mm
Weight:250 kg

Control system

Number of axes:6 as standard (3 to 8)
Programming method:Lead through, Point To Point Teach, Point To Point (PTP) and Off Line. May be mixed.
User Interface:Teach Pendant or LCD (TFT) colour screen.
Queue System:Mixed Queue or Batch (series)
Object Identification:Manual or automatic
Synchronisation:Internal or external via encoder
Program optimisation:(Editing possibilities)Programmed path, Program speed, colour on/off, colour flow
Diagnostic and survey:All the robot functions including colour flow. Possible via Internet.
Power Supply:230V / 1,2 kW

Hydraulic Unit

System pressure70 bar
Sound Level:72 dBA
Power Supply:3x 400 V /16A
Effect5,5 kW
Weight:190 kg
Measurements:980x650x600 mm (height, width, depth)