Paint mate PM-1

PM-1 is normally equipped with 6 axes (Degrees Of Freedom DOF)

Main axes:

  • Axis 1 horizontal rotation (swing)
  • Axis 2 forward / backward (shoulder)
  • Axis 3 up / down (arm)

Wrist (Hand)

  • Axis 4 horizontal
  • Axis 5 vertical
  • Axis 6 rotation

The PM-1 robot may be equipped with a 7’th axis (put on a rail) to follow big objects. As a budget variant the robot may be manufactured from 3 to 5 axes.

PM-1 M

PM-1 M is a mini variant of the PM-1 and has a 30% smaller working envelope compared to the bigger PM-1 but has the same configuration as PM-1.

Beside robots with installation and service we can also deliver spray booths, special designed machines for surface technology as well as standard equipment for spray paint and corrosion treatment.

Special machine

Spraying equipment

Spray booths